Created by Ricardo Santos and Nádia Barbosa, both in love with the concept of organic and functional design, WO design started in 2014 with the development of the brand’s image and the creation of the first product, the WO wallet.

The brand comes as a result of the experiences and passions of its creators, of the love and complicity they share both in their professional and personal lives and in the belief that something genuine and sincere must come from the heart. Ideas emerge stronger when individual stories intertwine, sharing the same values and dreams.

WO design is a Portuguese brand in constant evolution, always concerned with the preservation of our planet.

Based on minimalism and functionality, WO design creates unique pieces using everyday living and nature as a source of inspiration. Beauty lies in the small details of its products; colors, lines, shape, and fine finishing of each product, choosing and respecting the noblest of materials in an ecological and sustainable way.

The pieces sold by WO design are created only with the best natural wood — sometimes exotic and rare — becoming unique and essential objects for everyday use.